This Cold Email Got a Response

Shared with permission  – Kristin, Hubspot

Jason –

Kristen over at HubSpot.  I’m reaching out regarding your marketing, but I just happened to have watched your TED talk and it’s my new spirit animal!  I have an hour commute to HubSpot’s office in Cambridge – 2 hours of commuting to go in and try to get work done at the office is NOT a good use of my time.  I constantly work from home and people think I’m antisocial, but I just can’t get my job done at the office.  Luckily, HubSpot is totally flexible about where we do our job.  I really identify with your talk – GREAT presentation, just shared it with my network.

Are you familiar with HubSpot?  We’ve been a Basecamp customer for a while now, we use it on our services side to assist customer implementation and I’ve heard great feedback about it.

I’m reaching out today to see how things are going with your marketing and to see if lead generation is a priority in 2016?  If it is, inbound marketing works really well – its essentially content marketing and our average customer generates 3x more traffic and 4.77x more leads after using our marketing platform and methodology.

If you’re thinking about strategies to improve your results, then we should chat.

Is a conversation timely?