“This Is My Personal Number, Don’t Call Me”

You make a cold call.

The prospect says, “This is my personal number, don’t call me!”

How do you respond?

Most salespeople try to overcome this “objection” by saying things like this:

“I know this is your personal number. I didn’t mean to disturb you (yes, you did). However, do you have 30 seconds to hear me out? And if this isn’t relevant, you can hang up on me. But if it is relevant, we can schedule a time. Is that fair?

“I understand. But every now and then, you get a call that’s worth listening to. This is that call. If I could [value prop], would it be worth 2 minutes of your time?”

Responses like these destroy trust. Why? Because prospects can smell your commission breath.

The intent? “I have what you need; let me give it to you.”

This is a sort of “I have to win them all” mentality.

Here’s the most important thing about sales:

Prospects don’t resist change. They resist being changed by salespeople.

Read that again. Slowly.

The muscle to work here is to see what the prospect is seeing.

There is no objection to overcome here.

If a prospect wants to end the call, end the call by saying something like this:

“I’m sorry. Okay, to send you an email?”

Or “Okay, I’ll send you an email.” Then hang up. How many times does a salesperson get to hang up on a prospect 🙂

The takeaway?

Take no for an answer.

You can *gasp* call someone else.

You don’t have to win them all.

The golden rule?

Sell like you want to be sold to.

The shift?

Controlling –> Surrendering control

Convincing –> Letting go.

Needy/Desperate –> Indifferent