Three Lessons About Selling I Learned From the Beatles Documentary Get Back.

1. Take breaks.

Sessions are fueled by breaks of tea with toast and marmalade.

Staying hydrated and getting energy is essential.

Breakthroughs come from breaks.

Take breaks every hour or so.

2. Be patient.

Paul is a patient artist, facilitator, and project manager.

Song ideas go nowhere for hours. Sometimes days.

By way of example, when Paul was working out “Get Back” numerous times, I shouted at the screen:

“It’s not Joe Joe Jackson; it’s Joe Joe!”

“NO! It’s he left his home in Tucson Arizona for some California grass!!”

You forget there was a time the lyrics to these iconic songs didn’t exist.

After going through tons of permutations, almost magically, songs click into place.

It’s the same with selling.

Most salespeople don’t fail. They’re just not patient enough.

Stay in the pocket. Be patient.

3. Pause for two beats.

Even though the band was under a ton of pressure to create 14 songs in two weeks, nobody spoke over anyone else.

Everyone was respectful, even when John gave feedback to Paul after George quit the band.

Everyone was polite.

Everyone had a chance to be heard.

The takeaway?

When people are done talking, wait for two beats before responding.

Knowing how to make people feel heard is a superpower for getting through to anyone in your personal or business life.