Transcript of a Good Call Call

Here’s a transcript of a good cold call.

SDR: Hi Pete, Beth Jones with Gravy. We’ve never met. Complete stranger here, but I was on your website and was hoping you could help me out for a moment.

Prospect: Sure.

SDR: Just to make sure I’m in the right place, do still handle failed payment recovery at X?

Prospect: I do.

(How they’re currently getting the job done)
SDR: Are you using internal resources or are an outsourced recovery team?

Prospect: We’re doing that in house using our staff.

SDR: Your staff? (With a slight uptone as if to say “tell me more”.)

Prospect: Yes, our customer support agents recover failed payments.

SDR: Sounds like you’re happy with your recovery rate.

Prospect: We are. They do a great job.

(Poke the bear)
SDR: Good to hear. I often hear companies using internal resources recover 12-15% of failed payments. If you don’t mind me asking how does that compare to your experience? Seems like you’re recovering more than that.

Prospect: That sounds about right. What are you calling about?

(Tease what’s possible)
SDR: I’m calling to see if you’d be open to a different approach that can potentially recover 20-25% of failed payments.

Prospect: What dio you mean? How does that work?

SDR: I know you weren’t expecting my call. Would it make sense to continue the conversation for 20 minutes Thursday or Friday so you can review what your options are?

Prospect: Sure, I can do Friday.

This is for Gravy but you can easily modify it for you audience.