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Unshakable is a 10-day challenge for salespeople who want to talk with prospects without the debilitating feeling of rejection often associated with cold calling. You'll discover how to create

unshakable talk tracks objection responses voicemails

that motivate skeptical prospects to lower their guard and open up.


Undeniable Josh Braun

Josh Braun

Founder, Unshakable

Prospects are afraid of you. They can smell your commission breath. If you
can’t get prospects to lower their guard, they’ll never talk with you.

Cold calling is tough sledding

Are you secretly afraid of cold calling?

Do you get shaken up when prospects raise objections?
Are they hearing, “I’m not interested,” far too many times?

Maybe you’ve tried copying sale gurus using “proven cold call scripts” and jumping on LinkedIn trends, and yet…

Your reps experience the same debilitating feeling of rejection every day.

There is a better way.

Cold Calling

Unshakable is a 10-day challenge.

You’ll learn how to cold call in a way that invite prospects to care without the debilitating fear of rejection.

You’ll be unshakable!

We won’t just tell you WHAT to say. We’ll teach you WHY it works and HOW to say it based on psychology principles so you can apply everything you learn to any audience. And, you have support from us.

Is Unshakable right for you?

  • Are you hearing, “I’m not interested,” far too many times?

  • Are you secretly afraid to pick up the phone?

  • Do you get tongue tied when prospects raise objections?

  • Are you having inconsistent results?

  • Are cold calls simply not working?

  • Do you have at least 5 reps making cold calls?

  • Are you having conversations that go nowhere?

If any of these things resonate, Unshakable is for you.

How It Works

Deeply understand the cost of inaction

The best salespeople are the ones who know the most about the job prospects want to get done. And the terrible, no good, very bad thing that happens if the prospect does nothing. That’s because your solution has no value without a problem. You’ll do research to understand what prospects hate about their job. Problem training, not product training. No more guessing. Lots more conversations.

Bite sizes video lectures

Sometimes consuming replaces doing. Consuming scratches an itch. It’s satisfying.  However, sometimes you spend so much time consuming that you leave very little time for doing. No 90 hours of content to consume. Each day you’ll digest a 2-8 minute lesson and complete an exercise to take action on what you learned.  I do over IQ. 


Live feedback

Getting better at anything requires three ingredients – acquiring knowledge, doing, and accelerating learning by finding a mentor. Once a week, you’ll have an opportunity to do just that live over Zoom. Get feedback on your talk track. 

Session 1
Thursday, May 25, 7-8:30 pm EST

Session 2:
Wednesday, May 31, 7-8:30 pm EST


Real Calls

You can’t get better at what you haven’t been taught and practiced. You have to know what “good” sounds like to get good. Listen to our growing library of real cold calls with positive responses so you can hear what “good” sounds like. Then get your reps in. Make real cold calls and get coaching. 

Stories of Awesome

Your Instructors

Undeniable Heidi Briones

Heidi, a former educator with 10 years of sales experience, has a relaxed sales approach that attracts clients from various industries. She runs a sales website and Lady Polaris, a business development consulting firm.

In 2020, she ran for Congress in Oregon’s first district and used her communication skills to fundraise and gain support as a first-time candidate. She’s a happy instructor of Unshakable and a guest on multiple podcasts. With over 100,000 cold calls under her belt, she’s earned the nickname “Smoothest Cold Caller.”

Josh is the founder of Braun Sales training and Unshakable. He writes posts that reach 178,000+ salespeople and leaders.

Josh has taught outbound to thousands of companies and individuals, including the Badass B2B Growth Guide used by 5,995 reps. Many of those “students” have gone on to meet or exceed quota. He’s also the host of the Inside Selling podcast.

Josh Braun



Live Session Dates

Session 1: May 25, 7:00-8:30 pm EST

Session 2: May 31, 7:00-8:30 pm EST

Minimum Requirements

Phone numbers of people you want to talk with.

the unshakable Challenge

Please join the waitlist for the next unshakable challenge. You’ll receive personalized coaching directly from me and Heidi. This is something we’re only offering to a select few.

    the unshakable Challenge

    I want to invite you to apply to our unshakable challenge. You’ll receive personalized coaching directly from me and Heidi. This is something we’re only offering to a select few.