Cold calling is like surfing.

Find the right beach (targeting).
Paddle out (dialing).
Catch a wave (connecting).
Ride the wave (conversation).

Surfers don’t get caught up in the drama of a “bad” or a “good” wave.

Surfers simply paddle out, wait patiently and ride the next wave.

Waves ending don’t get surfers down.
Surfers know waves keep coming.

Surfers don’t see crashing as a failure.

Surfers have a mind of equanimity – they’re indifferent to the outcome.

Surfers see without getting caught up in what they’re seeing.

The takeaway?

When you ride a “wave,” (make a cold call) drop back and observe the experience, good or bad, without judgment or expectations.

Enjoy “surfing” (the experience) even if a “wave” (cold call) breaks your heart.

Another wave is coming, but you have to paddle out to catch it.

The joy of cold calling happens when you realize good or bad waves are part of the same experience.

Waves just are.
Conversations just are.

Adopt a surfer’s mind in sales.
And in life –:).