We Have a Vendor For That

“We have a vendor for that.”

What do you say?

My take?

This isn’t an objection.

Regardless of what you sell, your prospect has a solution in place.

They’re making progress. They’re getting from point A to point B.

Selling isn’t about persuading.

It’s not your job to talk people into switching.

The problem is the word ‘into’. When you try to talk people into things they can smell your commission breath.

Instead, ask a question that makes your prospect think differently about their current solution.

What do you know that your prospect doesn’t know that can hurt them?

For example, imagine you sell drugs to hospitals.

Buyers are currently checking prices once a month.

What they don’t know is prices change daily. If they only review prices monthly, they risk overpaying hundreds of thousands of dollars YoY (the cost of inaction).

Your software allows buyers to check drug prices daily, so they don’t overspend.

Your prospect says, “We check prices monthly, so we’re all set.”

You say: “Just out of curiosity, how do you know you’re not overpaying due to daily price fluctuations?”

And the prospect subconsciously thinks, “Hmm, I’m not sure.”

Poking the bear gets people to think differently about how they’re getting the job done.

You’re planting a seed of doubt that and allowing prospects to discover the problem for themselves.

The best way to persuade is to allow other people to persuade themselves.

Ditch the pitch.

Poke the bear.