What a Porsche Ad Can Teach You About Cold Email Copywriting

I love this vintage Porsche ad.

It’s visceral.

If you can make prospects feel something – humor, angst, desire you’re golden.

What if you applied the same structure to the first sentence of a cold email?

Here’s the structure:

“Honestly now did you spend your youth dreaming about someday (what sucks about getting the job done without your product/service.).”

Example for CaptivateIQ:

“James, honestly now did you spend your youth dreaming about someday hard-pasting entire Excel pages into Google Sheets and then manually making adjustments, one sheet at a time to determine payouts?”

Your turn.

How might you apply this structure to your prospects?


1. Follow the structure.

2. Be crispy or specific. When you’re specific people, subconsciously think, “You get me, what do you have?” Crispy words have “oomph.”

3. Stay away from generic words like “optimize,” streamline,” save time,” “save money,” etc. Everyone uses generic words, so they don’t stand out.

4. Focus on what sucks about how people are currently getting the job done, not you’re value prop. Solutions have no value without a problem people can relate to.