What If?

What if you could have 15 conversations for every 50 outbound dials without adding anything to your tech stack?

See what I did?

I made you think differently about how you’re getting the job done. In other words, I poked the bear.

Selling is about shining a light on the cost of inaction.

The idea is to contrast what is with what’s possible.

Typically salespeople have 1-2 conversations for every 50 dials. 15 is what’s possible with Phone Ready Leads. More conversations equal more opportunities. The opposite is also true.

Example for Gong:

“What if you could clone top performers without listening to discovery calls?”

The word “without” shows the contrast.

Example for CaptivateIQ :

“What if you could calculate and run commissions statements for 100+ reps in one-third the time without any manual data entry or errors?”

(Typically, this job is error-prone and takes 5+ hours.)

Example for Gravy Solution:

“What if you could recover 56% of failed payments without using internal resources?”

(Typically, companies recover 15%.)

What “what if” question might you ask?