What Jerry Seinfeld Can Teach You About Building Habits

To come up with jokes Jerry Seinfeld would pull out a calendar and put a red ❌ on the day he wrote.

Seinfeld’s goal wasn’t to be a better writer.

It was to earn a red ❌ without skipping a day. He didn’t want to see an empty square.

Why am I talking about this?

Jerry’s writing technique is a good way to get better at cold calling (or anything else).

40 dials earn you a red ❌.

Can you go 20 days with no empty boxes?

Armand Farrokh went a year without an empty box. 200 dials every single week.

He’s a top performer because he out X’d people that perhaps had more skill.

The more dials you make the more conversations you have.

The more conversations you have the more money you make.

The opposite is also true.

What do you think about taking the red ❌ challenge?