What Jerry Seinfeld Can Teach You About Getting Better at Anything

To come up with jokes, Jerry Seinfeld would pull out a calendar and put a red ❌ on the days he wrote.

Seinfeld’s goal wasn’t to be a better writer.

It was to earn a red ❌ without skipping a day.

Seinfeld didn’t want to see any empty squares at the end of the month.

There’s a good lesson here.

Jerry’s writing technique is a good way to get better at cold calling (or anything else).

Forty dials earn you a red ❌.

Exercised for 30 minutes? Red ❌.

Meditated? Red ❌.

Getting better is a byproduct of knowing what “good is” and not having empty squares.

What do you think about taking the Red ❌ challenge?