What My Grandma’s Toaster Can Teach You About Sales

My grandma had a terrible toaster.

Only one side worked.

It only made light toast.

And it took a long time.

So I decided to surprise my grandma with a new toaster.

Here’s me:

“Look grandma, I bought you a new toaster. Both sides work, you can make two pieces of toast instead of one. It makes dark toast. It’s fast. And check out this new digital toaster user interface.”

Here’s grandma:

“Take it back.”

Me: “Why, it’s better? It makes two slices, dark toast, it’s faster and has a digital display too.”

Grandma: “I only eat one slice of toast. I prefer light toast. I’m not in a rush. And I don’t want to learn how to use a digital toaster user interface.”

The takeaway?

You can have an awesome toaster that makes two slices of dark toast fast , but if your prospect only makes one slice of toast you will be devalued.

Benefits only matter if they matter to your prospect.