Why I Fired Home Depot

Yesterday I fired Home Depot.

Here’s the story.

I needed a drill, so I went to Home Depot.

Since I’m not handy, I had no idea where the drills were.

I wanted to ask for help, but the few employees I saw were busy stocking shelves and looked stressed out.

Once I found the drills, I was overwhelmed by the choices. 12v. 18v. 20v. $70. $195.

I couldn’t find anyone to assist me.

It’s as if employees knew I was about to ask a question and suddenly got busy with a task.

So I left.

On my way home, I stopped at Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware stores are independently owned stores that are local.

Scott immediately greeted me.

“Hi, welcome to Ace Hardware. I’m Scott. What brings you in today?”

Within 2 minutes, Scott recommended a drill that best fit my needs.

“You don’t need to spend $195. For your project and general home use, the Black & Decker is more than enough drill. It’s $69.99. Do you have the right bits?”

As Steve Jobs said, it felt like getting ice water after being in hell.

I discovered the joy of buying from a mom-and-pop store.

Faster in and out.


So I “fired” Home Depot and “hired” Ace Hardware.

Sometimes smaller is better.