Greetings Will,

You don’t know me.  Hi I’m Josh.  Three days ago you accepted my LinkedIn invite.  Hopefully you won’t regret it.  Fingers crossed.

Love your podcast. I’ve only been listening for a few months but I always get something actionable out of every episode. Episode 363, Habits of Incredible People was pure podcast gold. I particularly enjoyed the bit about the 33% rule and, in fact, am using it right now to reach out to you. How meta right?
The screenshots below are responses my clients and I have received using my B2B cold outreach approach.  I’ve saved these which probably shows how much I need constant praise and acknowledgement:).
And here’s an audio clip of a prospect explaining why he responded to my cold outreach.
A decade or so ago, I headed up sales for a SaaS company in Chicago. With no referrals. No network. No funding. And no sales experience.
Needless to say, I had a very steep learning curve in getting my first clients.
I tried just about every outbound strategy under the sun.
Only to realize that most of the information out there was actually terrible or didn’t feel good on my soul.
After A LOT of experimenting I eventually found the things that worked. (Most of which were counter to the advice experts were giving.)
I washed, rinsed and repeated until my system became repeatable.
I won’t give everything away right now but it has to do with my OMG green smoothie recipe.
Using this approach I was able to get meetings with senior folks at Fortune 500 brands.  Name drop – McDonald’s, Verizon, Disney and GEICO, just to name a few.
To cut a long, grueling story short, that’s what I do now. I teach B2B SaaS sales teams how to stand out in the sea of same, separate themselves from the competition and book more meetings.
So why the heck am I writing to you?
1. I dig your podcast.
2. I think I’d be a great guest. I’m a pretty energetic guy and I think we’d have an entertaining conversation.
3. I can offer an unusual approach to increase cold outreach response rates that your audience probably hasn’t considered.
4. If would give my Jewish Mom something to post on Facebook.
Anyway, thanks for taking a spin through this webpage.
Either way awesome job on the podcast, keep up the great work.