You Don’t Create Urgency, You Align With It

“Josh, my product solves a problem that I know my prospect has. Why didn’t they buy?”

I have a barbecue.

Only one side works.

Since I’m only cooking for 2, I’m able to make progress.

I use the left side of the grill.

On a 1-10 scale, I’m at a 2 on the Struggle-O-Meter. I’m in the blue zone.

I’m not a buyer.

A few months go by.

My ignitor breaks.

I light the grill with a match.

I’m still able to make progress.

I’m at a 4 on the Struggle-O-Meter. I’m in the yellow zone.

If you try to create urgency by offering a discount, I’m still not a buyer.

If you ask me about my grill problems I’ll tell you I don’t have any because I’m able to get the job done.

But what if you illuminated a problem I might not know about that could hurt me?

Like this:

“Josh – How do you know lighting a grill with a match won’t burn your face?”

Hmm, I’m not sure. I have a leak.

Suddenly I’m at an 8 on the Struggle-O-Meter. I’m in the red zone.

Urgency is what salespeople want but buyers just want to make progress.

You can shine a light on the cost of inaction and see if the prospect thinks it’s urgent.

You can waste a lot of time selling to people in the yellow zone.

You don’t create urgency, you align with it.