You Don’t Sell Yoga Pants

What do you sell?

The answer might surprise you.


When Lululemon started in 1998, there wasn’t a demand for yoga pants.

So instead of selling yoga pants, Lululemon sold yoga.


Helped people find local yoga studios.
Hosted free yoga classes.
Gave away yoga scholarships.
Trained ambassadors.

In 2022 revenue was $6.257B, a 42% increase from 2021.

When Mailchimp started in 2001, small business owners weren’t searching Google for “email marketing.”

So instead of selling email marketing, they sold marketing.

Mailchimp hosted free classes teaching small business owners how to create and send newsletters to drive foot traffic.

Small business owners didn’t want to be email marketing experts. They wanted to use email marketing to boost foot traffic.

In 2021 Intuit acquired Mailchimp for $12B,

What do you sell?
Yoga pants or yoga?
Email marketing or using email marketing to boost foot traffic?