You Lost to a Competitor. Now What?

“Josh, what do I say when a prospect tells me they went with a competitor. I want to change their mind. We’re better.”

Of course, you think you’re better. You have commission breath – :).

If a prospect decides you’re not for them, go ahead and kick rocks for a few minutes.

Take a walk outside. A dose of nature turns down the volume.

Then move on.

Say, “That’s okay. Thanks for giving us a look. If I’m not asking too much, what was it about X that you preferred?”

Then shut the front door.

Listen not with the intent to change minds but to understand.

Perhaps you’ll learn something that can help you improve.

Perhaps you did everything right, and the prospect preferred the other solution.

Remember your mantra, “I’m not for everyone.”

Your self-worth has nothing to do with a sale.

You want the sale, but you don’t need the sale.

When you need the sale, you come across as being desperate. Desperate is off-putting. Desperate lowers your value.

If a prospect doesn’t want your solution, it’s a gift. You can now spend time with other prospects.

Sometimes you have to let go. Not because you want to, but because your prospect wants to.

Focus on having conversations with an “s,” not a conversation.

You’re the prize.