How I Level Up

I posted on LinkedIn.

The post prompted someone in my network to send me a message.

He told me about a rep that was crushing it. I asked for an introduction.

This small moment led to an hour long conversation.

He talked about his desire to learn more and grow.

I asked him how he learns and grows.

“I reach out to people that are beating me or my team and ask for help.”

“People love to be asked questions and be asked for help.”

He’d write down what he learned.

Then he’d run experiments to see if he could improve.

He was proud but never satisfied with his success.

That’s how he became a top performer.

He told me about his desire to pass down what he learned to his team.

“It doesn’t matter how many things I can sell. It’s about how many people can I promote.”

It was inspiring.

This small exchange made me regret every time I’ve heard about a smart person and didn’t ask for an introduction.

It all started with a simple question, “Would you be open to making an introduction?“

That’s how easy it is to open yourself up to a new learning experience.

The key to growth is being curious.

Yet most of us don’t do this. We often forget that learning is about listening.

Next time you hear about a smart person, ask “Would you be open to making an introduction?”