We Want a 15% Discount

We want a 15%!discount.”

Your instinct might be to discount your product to get the deal done.

Or to go into overcome mode by saying something like:

“I understand. In fact, I had two other customers just like you who were uneasy about the price at first. But what they found was … ”

However, when you go into overcome mode, conversations often feel awkward.

What’s the way out?

Detach from the outcome using Chris Voss’s approach.

Understand the objection, don’t overcome it.

Like this:

P: “We want a 15% discount.”

Rep: “Thanks for considering us. I know you have a lot of options. Is price your only concern?”

P: “Yes.”

Calibrated question:
“How can we reduce the price by 20%?”

P: “Can you discount implementation?”

R: “How can we reduce implementation and ensure the product is adopted?’”

P: “Well, there are less expensive vendors.”

R: “Sounds like you have comparable options that cost less.”

P: “Not exactly.”

R: “Not exactly?”

P:”Your product is the easiest to use and we like the 24-hour chat support.”

Calibrated question:

R: “How are you going to solve for that with other solutions?”

Don’t overcome objections, understand them.

Move with objections, not against them.

Verbal aikido.