Can You Create Urgency?

I have a barbecue.

Only one side works.

Since I’m only cooking for two, I can make progress.

I use the left side of the grill to get the job done.

Even if you discount your grill, I’m not a buyer.

If you follow up five times in five days, I’m still not a buyer.

You can’t create urgency.

Fast forward two months. (Yes, this requires patience).

My ignitor breaks.

I light the grill with a match.

I’m still able to make progress.

If you try to create urgency by offering a discount, I’m still not a buyer.

But what if you ask a question that illuminates the cost of inaction?

Like this:

“Josh, how do you know you won’t burn your face when lighting your grill with a match?”

Hmm, I’m not sure.

Suddenly my current way just won’t cut it anymore. (Push – Jobs-to-be-Done)

Your new way will look pretty good. (Pull – Jobs-to-be-Done)

When the pull and push are greater than inertia and anxiety, I’m a buyer. (Jobs-to-be-Done)

Salespeople want urgency. Buyers want progress.

The takeaway?

Prospect buy on their timeline, not yours.

You don’t create urgency; you align with it.