Liston Witherill Sent the Best “Thank You” I’ve Ever Received

Circumstances that warrant saying “thank you” happen all the time. But all too often we just phone the thank you in without giving it much thought. Saying “thank you” becomes just another thing to check off your to-do list. For example here’s a “phoned in thank you” email I sent after being a guest on a podcast:

“Thank you for my 28 minutes of fame. Loved how the interview came together. I appreciate the opportunity to share a few thoughts with your audience. Really enjoyed learning more about what you’re up to as well. Let’s make sure we stay connected. Josh.”

My thank you email is the equivalent of saying “love ya” and giving your significant other a high five on your way to work.

Yes, saying “thank you” is always appreciated — but because we often rush through saying it those two little words can lose their sincerity.

I don’t have a formula of a set of 5 tips for saying thank you in more thoughtful ways. Trust me, you’ll feel the thoughtfulness and sincerity if you ever receive one. (They’re rare so they stand out.) I was fortunate enough to receive one from Liston Witherill. And it was the best thank you I’ve ever received.

For context, Liston is the CEO and Founder of I’m a big fan and have been following his podcast for awhile. A few months ago I asked if I could be a guest. (I had a few topics I thought would be helpful to his audience.) Liston graciously agreed to have me on. After the interview, we chatted for a bit and really clicked. Based on our conversation I sent him a book I thought he’d enjoy.

Liston could have done what most of us do, shoot off a quick thank you email. But he didn’t.

Here’s how Liston said thank you:

Saying “thank you” in a thoughtful and sincere way forges a strong emotional connection between two people. It doesn’t just acknowledge the “thing” it acknowledges the person who bought the thing too.

To acknowledge someone is to say: You matter. I appreciate you. You are important.

No matter what product or service you sell, you’re in the relationship-building business. Period. And few acts build relationships more than acknowledging someone in a heartfelt and sincere way.



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