“What’s the Price?” What Do You Say?

“What’s the price?”

What do you say?

Do you tell people the price?

Do you dodge the question?

Does it depend?


Several months ago, I asked a salesperson what the price was towards the end of a discovery call.

She ducked and dodged the question.

“Lisa” wanted to schedule another call to show me the demo first.

It felt like she was hiding something.

Perhaps Lisa thought the price couldn’t be discussed until “value” was shown.

My take?

Salespeople don’t determine value; buyers do.

And buyers can’t determine value without knowing the price.

My take?

If a prospect asks about the price, tell them the price.

Like this:

“What’s the price?”

“It depends on a few variables, but typically 15-24k. Can you see yourself falling in that range?”

If a prospect doesn’t ask about price, proactively bring up the price after discovery and before the demo.

Like this:

“I don’t want to do you a disservice by wasting your time doing a demo, only for us to realize that we’re too expensive. So based on what you told me so far, would it be okay if I ran some numbers by you?”

Prospect: “Sure.”

“It’s between 15-20k. How does that feel for you?”

Do you tell people the price if they ask?

What do you think about talking about price early in the sales process?