How to use Customer Quotes in Cold Emails

Pop quiz.

What’s the one thing every pro journalist uses when they write an article?

Quotation marks.

Journalist interview experts and use what they say to make their reading more credible and believable.

Colorful quotes hit you because they subconsciously say, “This is what an expert actually said.”

Why am I talking about this?

You can use customer quotes in your cold emails to make them more believable, so more prospects respond.

By way of example, let’s say I’m an SDR for CaptivateIQ.

To find customer quotes, I head over to CaptivatIQ/customers/Gong.

Next, I look for a quote about the problem this customer had before switching.

I call this the before story.

Why is the before story important?

When customers feel like you get their problem, their brain subconsciously says, “What do you have for me?”

Legendary copywriter Robert Collier calls this joining the conversation already happening in your prospect’s mind.

Solutions have no value without a problem prospects can relate to.

Here’s the Gong before story quote:

“Determining payouts involved a lot of manual data entry, and customizing reports for individual reps meant hard-pasting entire Excel pages into Google Sheets and then manually making adjustments, one sheet at a time, said Albert. The more we scaled, the more of a nightmare it was going to become to manage the process in such a complex way.”

And here’s a template I used to turn the quote into a cold email.

Hey, Lisa – What Business Operations Managers hate about their job is determining payouts for 100+ reps – stuff like customizing reports for individual reps, hard-pasting entire Excel pages into Google Sheets, making adjustments, one sheet at a time, etc.

Gong uses Captivate IQ to calculate/run monthly payouts for 100+ in 5 minutes compared to 5 hours.

Against taking a peak?


PS – Thought this might be relevant since you’re scaling your Austin team.

Your customers are better at writing cold emails than you are :-).