I Have a Boyfriend

I saw a cringe-worthy video on TikTok.

Jerry wanted to strike up a conversation with Amber.

After Jerry’s opening line, Amber told him she had a boyfriend.

Here’s how the rest of the conversation when down:

Jerry: “You have a boyfriend?” (Mirroring)

Amber: “Yeah.”

Jerry: “When are you two getting married?”

Amber: (Laughing) “What do you mean?”

Jerry: “Oh, so it’s not so serious?” (Labeling)

A few minutes later, Amber gave Jerry her number.

Told you. Cringe-worthy

Why am I talking about this?

The exchange between Amber and Jerry made me think about the idea of gauging the seriousness of a “relationship” when prospects tell you they have a “boyfriend” (vendor).

Example for Gravy:

Prospect says, “We have a vendor.”

Salesperson. “Have a vendor?” (Mirroring)

Prospect: “Yeah. We’re using X.”

Salesperson: “How long have you been dating?”

Prospect: “Ha! A few years.”

SP: “Sounds serious.” (Labeling)

SP: “If I’m not prying, are you monogamous, or are you open to seeing if there are opportunities beyond what you have now to recover failed payments?”

Humor is one of the best tools I know for lowering defenses.

View objections as something to understand, not overcome.